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Date:2007-04-26 06:28
Mood: happy

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Date:2006-11-30 04:29
Subject:Choke Me. Spank Me. Pull My Hair.



Date:2006-11-19 20:03
Subject:Let's Play Dress Up
Mood: tired

The INP thing was ugh...and long. 
The best part was dressing for it. 
I like being formal!

                             Sherrie says this looks like a prom picture. 
                                             BRUCE looked so nice!

                               Oh I love Kiyoshi! He's my Fez and I'm his Jackie.


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Date:2006-10-13 01:50

I said "YES!"

Date:2006-08-26 11:17
Subject:Being Swallowed by the earth and Riding its downward spiral to its core.
Mood: calm



Even having parted you are still left somewhere in me

Taking the form of tears you come into my eyes

Even having parted


Though I am alive there’s nothing to gain

The only thing left in my chest is pain and just pain

Just breathing here is not living

Now I have gotten used to living like this


Even having parted you are still left somewhere in me

Taking the form of tears you come into my eyes


You are with me every moment in the darkness of the night

You are with me through the morning light

It is not easy to forget the heartbeat

Now I have gotten used to living like this


Even having parted you are still left somewhere in me

Taking the form of tears you come into my eyes

Even having parted

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Date:2006-08-25 14:34
Subject:Blood of my body all for you
Mood: mellow


Though the shadows lengthen and fade,
And seasons brown the blade,
May we on friendship's lawn stay,
Forever and a day.


Date:2006-08-18 15:13
Subject:Yasmin, Farzana X.
Mood: bored

With over 40 birth control pills to choose from, it's important to 
know the one you take. Yasmin is over 99% effective at preventing 
pregnancy, the only pill made with the unique hormone, drsp.

Do you know what your pill is made of?


*It's what's inside that counts.*


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Date:2006-08-08 15:19
Subject:Finger Paint or Body Paint
Mood: surprised


i can't believe i found this on google

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Date:2006-08-06 19:11
Subject:Baby Privacy
Mood: dorky

This is too CUTE!!!!
I can't wait to have kids.

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Date:2006-07-25 15:00
Subject:Mouth To Mouth
Mood: pleased

All I have to do

Is close my eyes


And I can feel his lips,

The way they felt

The very first time.


I can feel the heat of them,

Parting just slightly,

Brushing across my cheek,


Moving closer

And closer still

To my mouth,


Till I can hardly breathe,

Hardly bear to wait

For them to press onto mine.


All I have to do

Is close my eyes

Date:2006-07-06 19:29
Subject:no longer a lucid dream but a reality worth knowing.
Mood: awake



I step into the steam

And let the water

Rinse my body clean

While rivers flow in ribbons

Down my arms

And waterfalls caress my breasts

And swirl in lazy trickles

To my thighs

As soap melts into creamy suds

That slide across my skin

Like foaming clouds,


And all the while

I’m thinking about him

Imagining he’s with me in this mist

Imagining he’s

With me…

Date:2006-07-02 11:24
Subject:and sometimes, just sometimes, the impossible becomes possible.
Mood: blah

I wake up 
Thinking about him

All day long
I'm dreaming about him

I fall asleep
Thinking about

It's the wrong him


I'm dreaming of his lips 
Sizzling all the cells in my body,
Of wishing he would remove 
Every stitch of my clothes

Date:2006-06-12 23:42
Subject:Wish You Would Remove Every Stitch Of My Clothes
Mood: okay

And before I even know what’s happening
He grabs hold of my hands and pulls me up,
Wraps his arms around me,
And we’re dancing,
Real slow,
Like the song,
And suddenly
This shiver ripples
Through every cell in my body-
And when he pulls me to him
And presses his lips to mine
It feels as if
Our souls
Are kissing
And it’s exactly like
I use to imagine it
Only all that love,
All that need,
Is pouring out of both of us.

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Date:2006-04-23 11:13
Subject:To what end be death, if not for love.
Mood: discontent


You made me fall in love
You made me fall in love with you
Without you my arms crave
Without you my eyes thrist
Without you my signs are heedless
This axiety, this distance seem never-ending
Agony is what I get for falling in love 
Without you time torments me
Without you my restlessness burns me
Without you peace envades me
My body finds home with your comfort 
In you arms I'm giving in
Without you my life is worthless
Without you my heart stops beating
With out you I'm shelter less
In my eyes I behold you forever
In this moment of esctasy my passions run deep
Without you my nights are endless
Without you my thrist remains
Without you the distance seems boundless 
You made me fall in love
You made me fall in love with you

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Date:2005-12-12 17:39
Subject:Other Than Sunset Blvd. ...
Mood: tired

Oh my Goodness I got a job around pretty people! - The Grove

This person at the Snow Cart next to mine is so pretty. He has an accent and it's so cute. He asks me for change a lot and I get so happy. It was so funny when he asked me for the screw driver. I wish I can be that screw driver!

OMG And then Amanda Bines bought sunglasses from me! How AWESOME is that!

God working is so tough...I'm in pain.


These are really bad pictures of the pretty person. I had to zoom in so much, but at least something.

It's so Christmasy at the Grove. Everyone should go. Don't miss out on the humungous Christmas Tree and also the Top Hats Girls' Dance on the weekends at 2:00 P.M. and don't forget to swing by my cart in front of the Apple Store. Also the AWESOME Snow Cart is cool. And it'll be snowing everyday at 7 and 8 P.M.


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Date:2005-12-01 18:53
Subject:I Was There And He Was There...And Then It Happened
Mood: happy

Oh, Mr. Oakleaf !

You make me laugh.



This is the only picture I have access to ... so far.


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Date:2005-11-05 12:17
Subject:"I DO!"
Mood: excited

Everyone I am getting MARRIED!

And you all are invited...bring friends and family and dogs and bitches...



Nov. 26, 05 - Saturday

2:00 P.M.

Venice Beach

(When you get to the second bathroom past the gym area...head toward the water)

Come just  in your bathing suits....don't forget your gloves and scarf, it'll be cold later!

For more informaion talk to my maid of honor:

BERNICE - (323)481-5467

P.S. Please follow the dress code, or else Bernice will make you change. And also ....don't tell my parents!




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Date:2005-11-04 20:40
Subject:What's Your Size Boy?
Mood: silly

I swear everyone at Venice likes to SWIM. 

It's true you never know...

Even your friend could've screwed your secret crush.

The Good thing though...there's always free protection supplies.

(So you won't end up like Bernice and her child for many many months)

All you Whipped Cream addicts out there...Apply for Venice High!






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Date:2005-10-18 19:18
Subject:Now The Girl Who Touched...

Today I touched LEMON!


"Are you like getting orgasms...if you are, that's fine just don't get me WET!"

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Date:2005-10-18 18:07
Subject:Some One To Wish...
Mood: happy




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